10 Things About Our Kids We’ll Let Dads Take Credit For

father childIt's the question every parent wonders from time to time: Did my kid get that from me -- or from their DAD? Well, science is here with an answer. It turns out children are genetically more similar to their fathers than their mothers.



This explains so much, right? Think of all the wonderful, delightful traits your husband can take credit for. Sure, you can never be certain what your kids pick up from which parent, but we're taking a stab at the ones most likely to come from dads. Such as ...

His sleeping patterns.

can't sleep

His communication style.


His organizational skills.

messy room

His ability to handle stressful situations.


His appreciation for new and different foods.

picky eater

His sense of humor.

baby surprise laugh

His rhythm and moves.

baby dancing

His ability to rock.

kid who can rock

His sense of propriety.

funny kid gif

His beautiful sense of wonder at the world.

baby gif

What have your kids inherited from their dad?


Image via MCarper/Shutterstock

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