Taylor Swift Works Magic on Crying Baby (VIDEO)

baby stops crying when listening to taylor swiftTay Tay to the rescue! Now that she's a certified soon-to-be godmother, it's good to know that Taylor Swift has a calming and positive effect on kids. Just take 6-month-old Rosie, who will screech and cry, but when Swift's "Blank Space" comes on, she cured.


Naturally, the fan-friendly and baby-loving Swift tweeted the adorable video and eagerly shared her excitement. Clearly, the babes love her.

Really, there is only one cure here. And it's more T-Swift!

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The booming beat, the "nice to meet you, where you been?" and the immediate recognizable voice, and baby is all cured. That's really all it takes. Hey, it works to cheer all of us up, that's for sure.

But since Rosie is already a Swiftie and she's only 6-months-old, parents must know they're in for it once she's 12. Get ready for the posters, the all-night singalongs, the concerts, and inevitable obsessions. The Swift machine isn't going away anytime soon, and Rosie has plenty of nursery soundtracks lined up, we're sure.

Is there one hilarious song that stops your baby from crying?



Image via Erica Blank/YouTube

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