10 Moms Who Need a Little More Love & Understanding From Us All

mother sonYou know the moms I'm talking about -- she's different than you, she's more involved or maybe totally hands-off. She's the extreme. The opposite. The "I can't believe she's like that" kind of mom. We all have kids, but the similarity ends there. We do things differently, act differently, have different options on just about everything. Some of us are a mix, others hold very steadfast to one type. We are all fascinating in our own ways. Check out the 10 types of moms all mothers know ... and why every single one deserves a little kindness.


1. The Pinterest Mom -- Everything she does is perfect. She makes her kid's Halloween costume, has amazing birthday parties with a perfect Superhero cake she made herself, and the take-home goody bags have things you want for yourself in them. Her kid is always dressed to perfection, her house is spotless, and she doesn't have on grey hair or flyaway or split end in sight. Not to mention she wears braids in her hair, and they are gorgeous.

Give her a break because she was up last night sewing the costumes for the third grade play, and they look amazing.

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2. The Organic Everything Mom -- This mama wouldn't dare let her kid eat school lunch. She even gives her kids their own snacks to nosh on when they go for playdates at your house. She drives a Prius and usually drops the word "sustainable" in every conversation. She's been know to say, "Oh, you let your kid eat that?" And her kid wasn't allowed to go to your kid's jumpy bounce house party because jumpy bounce houses are made of plastics and toxins. 

Give her a break because she was on the committee to stop polluted water/harmful pesticides from invading your town, and they won!

3. The Braggy Mom -- Oh her kid is just the greatest! He excels at piano and art and did you see his cursive? It's impeccable! He's ahead of the class and should skip a grade, but this mom wants to keep him with his little friends. Aww! This mama loves to share the smallest details. Her kid potty trained at 4 months, you know? Perfect sleeper from birth, of course. Was reading in the damn womb, I tell you!  

Give her a break because she loves her kid, and would do anything for him, and in this world, love is all you need.

4. The Social Activist Mom -- This mom is doing it for the cause. When it comes to social issues -- breastfeeding, guns, climate, common core, school politics, you name it -- she's got a soap box for, most definitely a button on her lapel boasting about, and possibly even a t-shirt or re-usable tote bag supporting it.

Give her a break because she volunteers at the local homeless shelter and spends her Thanksgiving feeding others at the soup kitchen.

5. The "I Have 4 Kids" Mom -- She brings it up in EVERY conversation at least four times. She is also known as the "I work mom" or the "I'm a single mom." She is different than the "rest," and she wants to make sure you know that she has it a little harder than you because of it. Of course, she wouldn't dare make it feel like it's a bad thing because she is still able to do it all, don'tcha know?

Give her a break because she really is working her tail off. Maybe offer to babysit a kid or two just for a couple of hours so she can do whatever it is she likes to do by herself for a bit.

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6. The "My Kids Aren't Going to Run My Life" Mom -- This mom wants to make it known that her life is great -- so great. She makes it known in ALL CAPS on Facebook that she and her husband are so in love -- still -- crazy in LOVE. They take vacations without the kids, and all her photos are paradise. The pics from the vacations with the kids look like heaven too because of course her kids are impeccably behaved. She also has taken her kids to the bar and they watch Jeopardy! with her and like it.

Give her a break because she inspires you to get a babysitter once in a while so you too can do your own non-mom thing.

7. The "My Kids Are Everything to Me" Mom -- She's the opposite of 6; she can't talk about anything else other than the fact that her kids did this, she took her kids there, her kids love that, it's so cute when the kid does this. She doesn't stop talking about her kids even when she has a sitter for the night and she's out to dinner drinking her one cocktail for the month.  

Give her a break because she really needs more nights out. And she'll get there. Someday. We hope.

8. The Cellphone Mom -- Her cellphone seems to always be at her ear or her fingertips so she can be texting or emailing whoever it is she must correspond with at drop off, pickup, the tot park, and the grocery store. She may even have a hands-free device, and you more than once thought she was talking to herself when she was actually talking to someone on the phone. 

Give her a break because she's trying to work and be there for her kids at the same time. And we all know how easy it is to find work/life balance, right ladies?

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9. The "My Kids Are Going to Harvard" Mom -- Her kids have a busier schedule than you. They leave school and go directly to art class, followed by archery, and then they meet their friends for some chess. This mom drives them all over town in her always-clean car with the "My Kid Is In the Honor Roll" bumper sticker. She nurtures their diverse interests and gets them home on time for a well-rounded meal before they have to get to that experimental 1st grade creative writing class before bedtime.

Give her a break because she's always happy to take your kid along, too. And her 11-year-old daughter is already thinking about how to cure cancer.

10. The PTA President Mom -- Always trying to rope you into something, the PTA mom bugs you about cutting out those Box Tops. She has tricked you into manning the book fair booth, handling a raffle, and she just begged you to bake brownies for yet another bake sale even though she knows you hate baking.

Give her a break because she single-handedly saved your kid's art program.

Moms. We've got to love us all!

Which type of mom are you? What other types of moms would you add, and why do you think they deserve a break, too?


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