16 Things Never to Say to Moms Who Breastfeed Under a Cover

moms nursing with a coverBreastfeeding moms have enough things to worry about without facing backlash from other breastfeeding moms. I'm talking about the moms who cover up when nursing who get negative comments from moms who breastfeeding in public without covering up. Can't we all just get along?


There is no "right" way here -- cover up if that makes you happy, don't cover up if you don't want to. But, of course, it can't be that simple. Enter the tendency for some to jump right into a mommy war where you have breastfeeding moms making other breastfeeding moms feel bad just because they prefer to use a cover.

Why does this happen?

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Some moms are just fighting the good fight, thinking they are doing a service to other moms letting them know their two cents because they think their way and opinion is right no matter what. We all know that's not the way things work, right? The rude comments have got to stop. Because we are all doing the best we can, and some of us need to do things in different ways. We need to accept that. We cannot create a divide when it comes to breastfeeding. We need to stand strong together -- in all the ways we breastfeed.

I breastfed my babies in public. I used a cover sometimes, but most of the time I did not. I would compare the breastfeeding cover up to how some women like to wear a bikini, some go with a one-piece. Neither makes you less of a woman ... or more of a mom. 

So next time you see a mom nursing with a blanket over her baby, and you're tempted to say the following ... stop. Don't say them!

1. "It's easier without one." Maybe for you. But I'm not you. This is easier for me.

2. "Is this your first child?" Ah ha. I see what you are trying to do there. You think I'm a novice. You think you are sooooo experienced and know everything and think I have no idea what I'm doing. You got me. I'm not expert, but I do know I just like to use a cover.

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3. "You must be unsure of breastfeeding." Never been more sure of something.

4. "You shouldn't be afraid of something so natural." Neither should you. This cover is made out of 100 percent organic bamboo!

5. "You shouldn't be ashamed." Maybe you should be for making me feel like I am!

6. "Are you having trouble breastfeeding?" I wasn't until you came along and started stressing me out.

7. "Be proud of your ability to breastfeed!" I am! Here I am breastfeeding my baby.

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8. "I feel sad for you that you think you have to cover up." My baby isn't sad, and she's the most important one in this situation. I cover up because I want to, not because I think I have to.

9. "Those are symbols of oppression!" People think that about bras, too.

10. "Well that was a total waste of money." But think of all the money I'm saving because I'm breastfeeding. Look at the good side of things!

11. "Who wants a blanket over their face while they're trying to eat?" My baby isn't complaining ... so why are you?

12. "Would you eat your lunch under a cover?" I used to love to build blanket forts when I was a kid and my friends and I would have picnics under then so ... yes.

13. "You shouldn't care so much about what other people think." Oh thanks. I don't. That goes for what you think, too.

14. "You need to get past your discomfort for your baby's sake." You need to stop being rude so I can feed my baby ... for my baby's sake.

15. "Don't you know breastfeeding in public is legal." And thank goodness it is! Wouldn't it be nuts if it wasn't? 

16. "Don't be such a prude." I may be breastfeeding with a cover on, but I'm not wearing any underwear or pants for that matter. (Obviously not true, but that would get the rude stranger to move along!)

Have you ever experienced negative comments because you used a breastfeeding cover?


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