11-Year-Old Sends Letter to Dad's Boss & Gets Him Relocated (PHOTO)

minnesota wild defenseman's daughter writes letter

An 11-year-old girl in Minnesota who missed her dad took it upon herself to ask for a creative solution to the situation and had her request granted. Columbus Blue Jackets' defenseman Jordan Leopold's daughter, Jordyn, decided to write to a heartfelt letter to the coaches of the Minnesota Wild, and ultimately initiated the trade that brought her dad back to the Gopher State. 


In her note, Jordyn explains how much she, her sisters, brother, and mom miss him. But, even sweeter, she says she knows her professional athlete dad is "lonely without his family" too. 

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This story is totally uplifting because of its happy ending but also because it proves just how sensitive and wise-beyond-their-years kids really are.

While we might be caught up in the day-to-day of working, caring for children, and running a household, sometimes we might not notice how much our kids are noticing. Whatever we're dealing with affects them too -- even if they don't always show it outwardly. (Guess this is why people refer to them as "little sponges!")

Their ability to surprise us with empathy and a hug or a smile when we need it most more than make up for all that coloring on the walls or the socks that never quite make it all the way to the hamper. 

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We're always asking kids to be "problem solvers." Here's a great example of a little girl taking that message to heart. Bet she'll grow up to never be afraid to ask for exactly what she wants. Good for her -- and her family! 

Has your child ever done something empathetic that totally amazed you?

Image via KFAN1003/Twitter

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