14 Products That Had to Be Made 'Especially for Girls!' Because ... No

Suzee Skwiot | Mar 9, 2015 Being a Mom
14 Products That Had to Be Made 'Especially for Girls!' Because ... No

gendered books for kidsWalk into the toy aisle of most stores in America, and you'll have to make your first choice: boy toys or girl toys? In case you couldn't find your way, the boys are blue and the girls are pink.

Because as we all know, girls need the delicate versions while boys wouldn't be caught dead with a pink copy.

Yes, that's sarcasm.

Unfortunately, it's also what the majority of the toy industry seems to think our kids actually believe. And it's not just toys. The shelves of American stores are littered with countless products marketed down gender lines ... for absolutely no reason. From tape (yes, the stuff you use to stick two piece of paper together) to basketballs, the divisions between boys and girls run deep.

If you're ready to handle it, feast your eyes upon the most uselessly gendered kids' products on the market today.

#10 is just so strange. Why, oh why?


Image via krystina_marieM/Twitter

  • Globes


    Image via Hearth Song

    Because the Earth is way different when viewed from a pink globe. And by the way, little lady, the dark pink is the land mass, the light pink is the water. Because everyone knows water is prettier in pink.

  • Pink Washer & Dryer Set


    Image via Kmart

    Start 'em early, start 'em young. Everyone knows boys actually can't do laundry. That's a big no no.

    And who in the world actually has a pink washer and dryer set? Raise your hand if your set is any other color than either white or stainless steel.

  • Gorgeous vs. Clever


    Image via krystina_marieM/Twitter

    Titled How to be Gorgeous and How to be Clever, by Fiona Foden and Helen Greathead, respectively, I dare you to guess which cover has a girl and which has a boy. Not hard, huh?

    You have to learn "how to be gorgeous" to outsmart those "clever" guys, ladies ... especially at, what, 8?


  • Superhero Outfits


    Image via digiwonk/Twitter

    "I Only Date Superheroes" and the "Future Man of Steel" are the only options given for little girls and boys ... and there's no switching, you hear? You can only be one or the other and it's already been decided which because we all know only ladies have to date the superheroes; they can't be one.

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  • Planes


    Image via christianlong/Instagram

    Boys get the planes, ladies get to be flight attendants. There's no way a girl can be a pilot and let's forbid all boys from having to wait on passengers and clean the cabin.

  • Jenga


    Image via Amazon

    Stacking blocks and intricately planning how to re-stack them without toppling the tower is just too tough of a game for girls, apparently. The premise of the game just doesn't resonate unless covered in girly conversation cues, don'tcha know?

  • Construction Sets


    Image via Toys R Us

    Boys get the natural colors set, but apparently a girl's dainty hands can't hold the instruments unless they're pretty pastels.

  • Vitamins


    Image via Amazon

    No, they're not special vitamins "for her," with different mixes or special nutritional blends for her growing body. They're just pink and delicate enough for her to chew.

    Seriously, blind taste test. I dare you to name the difference.

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  • Basketball


    Image via Sports Authority

    Never mind that they already make regular basketballs in girls' sizes, this pink tartan beauty will perfectly match her skort uniform. That's what we still play in, right?

  • Glue


    Image via Waltons

    Made to withstand her girly strength!


  • Toothbrush


    Image via Amazon

    For her delicate girl teeth.

  • Battleshops


    Image via ivf_steph/Twitter

    The classic "Battleship" game has opponents facing off and strategizing to find and sink each other's ships. This new version? It's time to find your skirt in the shop aisle.

    Would you rather sink ships or find your skirt?

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  • Scrabble


    Image via Amazon

    Words like "strong" and "leader" are not accepted here.

  • Tape


    Image via Amazon

    Complete your (pink) office desk set with the "just for girls" tape dispenser.

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