14 Products That Had to Be Made 'Especially for Girls!' Because ... No

gendered books for kidsWalk into the toy aisle of most stores in America, and you'll have to make your first choice: boy toys or girl toys? In case you couldn't find your way, the boys are blue and the girls are pink.


Because as we all know, girls need the delicate versions while boys wouldn't be caught dead with a pink copy.

Yes, that's sarcasm.

Unfortunately, it's also what the majority of the toy industry seems to think our kids actually believe. And it's not just toys. The shelves of American stores are littered with countless products marketed down gender lines ... for absolutely no reason. From tape (yes, the stuff you use to stick two piece of paper together) to basketballs, the divisions between boys and girls run deep.

If you're ready to handle it, feast your eyes upon the most uselessly gendered kids' products on the market today.

#10 is just so strange. Why, oh why?


Image via krystina_marieM/Twitter

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