'Insensitive Jerk' Dad Under Fire for Making Fun of Pregnant Wife (VIDEO)​

man vs. pregnant women

Pulling pranks on a pregnant woman may sound like a terrible idea, yet one dad named Mike Wilson has me thinking otherwise. This Basingstoke, England dad poked fun of his very pregnant wife Louise by calling her "Humpty Dumpty," placing a dog bowl full of water next to her while she did exercises, and even sucked in his wife's gas in the hours before his son Kelan's birth in February.


Throughout these videos, poor Louise seems grumpily resigned to her husband's antics, although she does often tell him to "shut up" (which just adds to the humor). Check it out below:

Not surprisingly, the video has garnered mix reactions on YouTube. Some said this dad in an insensitive jerk; others (even women) applauded his efforts to inject some humor into a time that's typically treated with kid gloves.

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I, for one, found this dad's video a refreshingly fun departure from all the earnest, reverent maternity videos and photos I'm used to seeing. Because let's face it: Pregnancy can be pretty funny! So why not have a laugh, even if it's at the mom's expense? 

For me, it also helped to hear that the mom, Louise, may not have seemed so thrilled at the time she was being filmed, but reportedly chuckled at the videos later. So, as long as she's fine with it then we should be, too.

You can just tell her husband is going to be a great dad, and have just as much fun with the baby. Here's to hoping this dad brings us more funny videos -- of his parenting travails perhaps? -- in the future.

Image via Mike Wilson 3RUN/YouTube

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