When Babies Drink Out of Beer Bottles, It's Easier for the Whole Family​

baby beer bottle

Ever go to happy hour and feel awful leaving baby behind with the babysitter? Well, no more! There's a brand new baby bottle on the market just for parents like you. The baby beer bottle is hilarious, handy, and bound to elicit some great looks from strangers who pass by.


Still not convinced to get it? Here's why you should book it to the online retailer and get yourself your own baby beer bottle for just $12:

  1. Start 'em early! Forget about them binge drinking in college. They'll have been sipping from the bottle for years before they set foot on campus ... so they won't be so tempted when they hit a frat party.
  2. They'll be your "plus one" at the bar. Grab the car seat, plop them in, and drop it on the stool. Stools make great car seat holders, didn't you hear?

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  3. It'll make you look cooler. There's nothing worse than an underage kid cramping your style at parties. So now, they won't.
  4. Tailgates can be a family affair. When the whole crew is sitting around, sipping brewskis and eating brats, the baby won't feel left out when drinking their milk.
  5. They'll be the hit at day care. Want your kid to be the coolest? Have them roll in (literally, via stroller) to day care with this sippy cup, and bam, they're the most popular child immediately.
  6. And if someone's already got one, that's more reason to buy. The cool kids are doing it, so your baby might as well join in the fun.
  7. Hey, parents, listen here. Every baby needs to unwind. They had a long and hard day playing, sleeping, and discovering. Let them take a load off and pop the cap.

Would you ever buy this for your baby?


Image via Fred & Friends

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