'Your Tattoos Make You a Horrible Mother' Proves the Opposite

There seems to be this notion that moms with tattoos take gulps out of flasks filled with whiskey while their baby is on the hip, neither of which have been bathed in at least a month, and a warrant for mom's arrest lingers in the air, dancing with her cigarette's smoke from the ashtray next to the chemical-laced baby food. Moms with tattoos know this isn't true and so a Facebook was born to mock all the ridiculousness. It's called Your Tattoos Make You A Horrible Mother.


I'm a tattooed mom. I know tattoos do not affect my parenting. In fact, there are ways they help -- babies are mesmerized by them, meaning they are entertainment for hours and hours. I know tattooed moms who go to church with the kids every Sunday, who pray, who read to their kids every night, who are spiritual beings, who do yoga with the kids, who are head of the PTA, who are accomplished teachers and lawyers and doctors and writers, there are moms with ink who have kids on the honor roll every single year, who are active in every after-school activity, who teach their kids to read, to knit, to draw, to play guitar, to be good to one another. I know tattooed moms who take off from work to nurture their kids back to health when they are sick. Yet we are judged. My one friend said that those who judge can "kiss my tattooed ass."

Some tattooed moms are feisty. Others are shy. But we all love our kids. Sometimes our tattoos even say so.

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Which is why I can't help but laugh and roll my eyes a bit at the Facebook page Your Tattoos Make You A Horrible Mother. The page is a joke, it's ripe with sarcasm and shows the ridiculous thoughts that some people really have about moms with ink. Though, you know, there are some who completely agree with some of their memes. Like this one.

Or this one:

Or this one:

We can laugh. We can keep getting tattoos and continue to prove them all wrong. It's not what in the world are we going to do about all these tattooed moms ... it's more like what in the world would we do without the incredible tattooed mamas.

Are you a tattooed mom? What do you think of the site and the stereotype we live with?

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