Mom With Supervillain Baby Should Sleep With One Eye Open (VIDEO)

funny baby evil laughEver wanted to see an evil, cackling baby? Sometimes, there's nothing better and funnier than a laughing baby. And now, here's one Dr. Evil-style riot laugh that'll make you both do a double take and double over in laughter. Take a look at the latest viral video of a super evil villain laugh... coming from a tiny baby.


Promise you're ready? Good luck listening to this and not giggling alongside the tiny human:

And there, ladies and gentlemen, we have the most evil laugh in the world. Coming from the smallest human ever. Believe it or not, it really might be Dr. Evil reincarnate, as we live and breathe.

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And for that, we only have one reaction: "I haven't laughed that hard since I was a little girl. Thank you."

Does your baby have a hilarious laugh?


Image via mooonez/YouTube

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