Fiesty Grandma Stands up for Grandson Against Internet Meanies (VIDEO)

Apparently, these days cyber bullying isn't just for high schoolers. When one grandma (yup, you read that right) catches wind of mean Internet comments about her and her grandson, she responds with the question we should all have: "Are they from Chicago?"


Well. Chicago aside, this grandma says, "I don't hate nobody in my life!" What a great attitude! And she delivers this line with just the right amount of sass, cememting her spot in our hearts as our favorite Internet grandma.

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Grandma Lill, as she is known on her grandson Kevin Droniak's YouTube channel, is hilarioulsy nonchalant about the whole ordeal, and really doesn't have time to call all those mean people anything worse than "sinners." Very noble, and we can think of a few people who could take a lesson from her.

She's also adorably quick to defend her grandson Kevin, assuring everyone that he has lots of friends other than her and that he definitely talks to a lot of girls ("even in London!").

Of course it's impossible to do anything on the Internet these days without getting a little bit of hate, but we'd all be happier if everyone responded more like Grandma Lill.

Check her out here:

How do you respond to Internet hate?


Image via thiskidneedsmedicine/YouTube

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