Men Trying to Adopt Are Wooing Birth Moms With Song for Baby (VIDEO)

adoption video joe and joey dear future baby meghan trainor parodyWe've seen our fair share of baby and adoption announcements, but this one just tops all the rest. Joe and Joey are on an adoption journey and eager to meet their little one. So, to spread the word, they've created their own music video parody of Meghan Trainor's hit "Dear Future Husband." Aptly titled "Dear Future Baby," Joe and Joey are reaching out to their possible birth mother.


Take a look at their sweet (and perfectly sung) hit:

It's OK. We'll give you some time to wipe away the tears. 

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Couples looking to adopt face countless battles. Between the paperwork and the legalities, they also have one challenge: how to stand out from the rest. Joe and Joey are trying something very different and new, and it's bound to go viral.

Dear Future Adoptive Parents, the standard has been set pretty high.

What did you think of the couple's adoption video?


Image via Joe & Joey Adopt/YouTube

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