Pet-Feeding Tricks to Try On Your Kids (Nom, Nom, Nom)

baby feeding dogWhat does your pet-raising style have to do with your parenting style? Everything! At least when it comes to how you feed your dogs, cats, and children. Because they're essentially the same, right?


We're kidding. Of course they're not! But a new study on parenting style, pet-care style, and obesity seems to suggest there is a link. The researchers say, "the care that people provide for their pets mirrors that which parents provide for their children." They're hoping we can learn more about parenting styles and childhood obesity by studying how people feed their pets, because "pets are commonly viewed as child substitutes."

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Wait, WHAT?!? They're starting to sound like your single, childless friends who claim they know what it's like to be a mom because little Fifi is so much work. Please! Anyone who's raised both a pet and a child knows how different the two experiences are.

dogs eating like people

But then I gave this idea some more thought. And it occurred to me: Maybe we SHOULD feed our kids the way we feed our pets! Picture this, if you will.

Loading your kids up with snacks every time they do something right, like saying "please" and finishing their homework.

doggie treats

Leave out plates of food on the table for your kids to graze from throughout the day. On the table? Maybe put the plates on the floor so the food is easier for them to find.

dog steals kids food

What's your kids' favorite dish? Macaroni and cheese? Chicken fingers? Whatever it is, feed it to them for every meal, every single day.

kid eating

Did you spill some food on the kitchen food? No problem. Just let the kids clean up after you by eating what you dropped.

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kid licking milk off floor

For that matter, let your kids eat whatever they can find lying around.

kid eating watermelon

Select your children's food based on what will give them the shiniest hair. Because that's what's most important.

austin powers cat

Give up on utensils. They're really too much trouble.

full house spaghetti gif

To tell you the truth, I think I've done some version of many of these at one point or another. But! That doesn't mean I feed my kid the same way I'd feed a dog. I may make plenty of mistakes, but at least I know what I'm supposed to be doing.

Do you think your parenting style and your pet-raising style are similar?


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