​Dad Threatens Kid With 'Ejector Seat' to Make Him Behave in Car (VIDEO)

The struggle is real, you guys. That is, the struggle to keep kids from misbehaving in the backseat of the car. Every parent knows that challenge, right? One dad has come up with a genius idea to keep his kid in line while in the car -- He told him an ejector seat would blast him to outer space if he didn't obey.


It's hard enough to keep kids from misbehaving in general, but something about putting them in the car seems to give them over to their unruly antics. Maybe it's because they know mom and dad are busy trying to keep their eyes on the road, instead of on them?

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Of course, in the car is where you want them to be especially obedient, considering that you're traveling around in two tons of metal on wheels, with other drivers on the road who may or may not be following texting laws.

So what's a parent to do? Well, you could take a page out of this dad's parenting book, and threaten to eject your kid into outer space if he doesn't sit still.

Take a look at what one dad did to keep his son from squirming out of his booster seat in the car.

Oh my gosh, is that little boy not the cutest? I'm sure this vid will get its fair share of hate, but come on. It's obvious they have a very loving relationship, and the kid seems safe and secure in how much he loves his mom and dad.

And what about his little question for reassurance at the end there? "Daddy, if I say I love you, and I kiss you ... and I want to play with you? ... That means I'll never go into space and you shouldn't push that button."

Dad's response is perfect. He says, "I'll never push that button ... unless it's a real emergency."

What do you think of this dad's attempt to get his kid to behave in the car?


Image via SWNS TV/YouTube

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