The 50 Most Ridiculous Old Wives' Tales About Pregnancy

They might not have their MDs or OBs, but it seems likes people are pretty willing to trust the superstitions of the notorious Old Wives. Some of the stuff they tell us is pretty convincing, but honestly? Most of it is ridiculous. And hilarious.


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We love laughing at Old Wives' tales so much that we put together a list of the most absurd superstitions we could find about being pregnant. Remeber, though, that none of this stuff is cause for concern ... we promise that your baby won't drown if you drink too much water.

To start, here are some tips on how to get pregnant:

  1. Don't let your man wear socks to bed if you're trying to conceive.
  2. If someone empties a wine bottle into your glass, you'll be pregnant soon. (Enjoy that wine while you can!)
  3. If you want to get pregnant, plant a rosemary bush.
  4. Eat yams if you want twins.

    Wondering if it worked?

  5. Well, if someone in your family dreams of fish, you might be pregnant.
  6. If you burn a pan of chili, you're pregnant.
  7. If you dream of a raised fist, you're pregnant.
  8. If you have a birthmark-like spot on your forehead, you're pregnant.
  9. If a lizard falls on you, you're pregnant. (Lots of questions about this one.)
  10. If you're clumsier than usual, you're pregnant.

    Congratulations! Now onto the good stuff:

  11. If you get heartburn during pregnancy, your baby will be born with a full head of hair.
  12. If you eat vegetables while pregnant, your baby will like them later.
  13. If you raise your hands above your head, the umbilical cord will wrap around the baby.
  14. You'll also tangle the umbilical cord if you wear necklaces.
  15. Or, if you walk under any kind of rope, you'll choke your baby with the umbilical cord.
  16. And don't forget, if you wear a Hawaiian lei, you'll also cause the umbilical cord to wrap around your baby.
  17. If anyone refuses to give a pregnant woman something they're craving, they'll get a sty in their eye. Ha!
  18. If you look at something ugly while pregnant, your baby will be born ugly. Better hope your man is cute?
  19. If you drink too much coffee when pregnant, your baby will be born with light brown birthmarks.
  20. Having boiling water around during childbirth will ease labor. (Is it just us, or does this just seem like a task to keep dads busy while moms do the hard work?)
  21. A full moon will induce labor.
  22. If you don't drink enough water, your baby's amniotic fluid will get dirty.
  23. But, if you drink too much water, your baby will drown.
  24. If you're baby tries to walk from a young age, you'll be pregnant with another soon.
  25. If you look at a mouse while pregnant, your baby will be born with a hairy birthmark.

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  26. If you get really mad at anything during pregnancy, your baby will be born angry.
  27. If you eat strawberries while pregnant, your baby will be born with a spotchy red birth mark.
  28. If you wear high heels while pregnant, your baby will be cross-eyed.
  29. If you crave something and then touch your body, your baby will get a birthmark that in the shape of the thing you were craving where you touched yourself.
  30. You'll give your baby a cold if you take a bath while you're pregnant.
  31. Drink milk to stimulate breast milk.
  32. If you hate someone while pregnant, your baby will look like them.
  33. Eating spicy food will burn your baby's eyes and they'll be born blind.
  34. Also, eating spicy food will cause your baby to be born hairy all over.
  35. Or they might be mean when they grow up.
  36. Or they could have red hair. Jury's still out on the spicy food, apparently.
  37. If you don't keep your belly warm while you're pregnant, you'll start shivering as soon as the baby pops out.
  38. If you get sunburned while pregnant, your baby will be born with a mental illness.
  39. If you're crabby while pregnant, your baby will cry all the time. But if you're happy, they'll be happy.

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  40. If you drink soda while pregnant, you'll give your baby eczema.
  41. If you're craving peanuts, your baby will be born with a peanut allergy.
  42. If you don't get morning sickness, your baby will be born without hair or nails.
  43. If a dog scares you during pregnancy, your baby will be born with a fear of dogs.
  44. If there's a solar eclipse while pregnant, you have to pin a set of keys to your waist. If you don't, your baby will be deformed.
  45. If you take a teaspoon of honey and vinegar every morning, your baby will have more hair.
  46. Oh! But if you eat too much honey, you're baby might get stuck on the way out.
  47. Cutting your hair while pregnant will suck energy out of your baby.
  48. If you pick up a cat while pregnant, your baby will be born with a wart or mole.
  49. Here's a really specific one: Apparently, people swear by the eggplant parm at Scilini's Italian Restaurant in Smyra, Georgia for inducing labor.
  50. And finally, no one has a specific reason why, but pregnant woman are supposed to avoid funerals. Apparently the ghosts haunting graveyards aren't too great for unborn children?

P.S. There are plenty of Old Wives' Tales about the gender of your baby too!

What do you think? Do these rival the wackiest Wives' Tales you heard while pregnant?


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