Adorable Video Shows Exactly Why 'Moms Get Nothing Done' (WATCH)

why moms get nothing done

If you want to see steam come out of a mom's ears, try looking around her (probably messy) house with a critical eye and asking, "So, what did you do all day, exactly?" (Then duck, because a large, sharp object will probably come flying at your head.) 


As any parent knows, trying to get something, anything done with small children around is largely a one step forward, two steps back kind of situation -- which is adorably illustrated in a new video from "Story of This Life" blogger Esther Anderson.

Entitled "Why Moms Get NOTHING Done," this clip shows exactly why we moms spend hours on end trying, and largely failing, to complete any number of household chores: Because there's usually a small curious person following us around who doesn't care one bit whether the laundry gets folded, the dishwasher gets loaded, or the toys get put away (in fact, they'd prefer it if that last one never happened at all!). 

Does this look familiar to you?

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Personally, I think my favorite part is when the just-bathed baby gets food all over her head. Sigh. Why do we even bother bathing them? But besides showing moms everywhere that they're not the only ones feeling like their days are largely an exercise in futility, what's great about this video is that it shows us how perfectly content babies are in a perfectly imperfect home. Because honestly, it doesn't matter if the laundry never gets folded, as long as your kid is healthy and happy.

What's your number one chore that never gets done?


Image via Story of This Life

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