Pregnant Woman Manages Entire 'Thriller' Dance ... at 9 Months Pregnant (VIDEO)

pregnant woman dancing to thrillerWhen you're nine months along and counting the days, the due date just can't come soon enough. And between eating spicy foods and having some intimate time with the partner, you'll try just about anything to induce labor. And maybe test your Michael Jackson moves? That's exactly what one mom did when she posted a video of herself dancing to "Thriller" to induce her pregnancy.


Bonnie Northsea originally posted the video to Facebook to make her friends giggle. Since then, it's gone completely viral and the soon-to-be mom-of-two and her dance moves are taking over the Internet. Take a look:

Go mama! Go mama! Go mama!

She's all belly and still busting it out. Consider us just a little bit impressed with her eagerness and commitment.

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Not only has she brought laughs to her friends, no doubt, but she's managed to entertain millions of other viewers. On top of that, it's served as a well-deserved funny break for herself and her husband. Northsea posted this along with the video:

My husband is fighting a battle with Testicular Cancer (just diagnosed a month ago) so it has been difficult emotionally recently. This video really helped as it has caused me to laugh over and over again.

No doubt about it, Northsea's video is bringing a smile to everyone's face. Way to go, mama!


Image via Bobbie Northsea/YouTube

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