Mom Uses Makeup App to Give Newborn Son a Wild New Look (PHOTOS)

makeup baby

You know that expression about raising kids, the one about the days being long but the years being short? The days being long part feels especially true during the newborn phase of parenting, probably because days are virtually indistinguishable from nights (and because a good portion of those days/nights is spent trying to stop a tiny little person from screaming so much). So why not alleviate those new mom doldrums by giving your 7-week-old son virtual makeovers with a makeup app?


Don't worry, it's not as insane as it sounds. Fiona, a 28-year-old mom from the UK, caused a bit of a stir on Imgur and Reddit recently when she uploaded a series of photos of her 7-week-old son Gabriel ... after adding digital hair and makeup with the YouCam Makeup app. Some people are horrified by the images, others amused, but no harm, no foul, I say. No ACTUAL hair or makeup products were used on innocent little Gabriel, so if Fiona really did have "great fun" using the app and it indeed helped to "pass the long hours of crying," then what's the big deal?

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That said, this is a little ... odd:

makeup baby

 This one's, um, a vampire Liz Taylor?

makeup baby

This one is my personal favorite. Not sure why.

makeup baby

Here's what baby Gabriel and his mom really look like:

makeup baby and mom

Awww. Adorable! (And soooo much cuter sans makeup!)

Would you use this app on your baby?

Images via Imgur

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