14 Things Never to Say to Babywearing Moms


babywearing momMNStudio/shutterstockBabywearing is a magical thing. It's like a constant hug. That sweet baby smell so close to you. The bond. Baby is calm and secure. Holding onto those cute little toes dangling. And, of course, it allows you to have your hands free. The benefits are great, but some of the negative comments are not. Can't we all get along? Here are 14 things never to say to babywearing moms.

  1. What is that thing? It's an alien launch pad. I'm hiding my mutant spawn in here. Please stop looking.
  2. Do you need a stroller? Because pushing a monstrosity is much easier than securing a kid on my body and having both hands-fee.
  3. Is that safe? Safer than a dirty-hand stranger pinching my newborn's cheeks.
  4. Isn't she too big for that? I promise to stop wearing her once she turns 16. Promise.
  5. Doesn't that hurt your back? It actually helps me maintain great posture. It's great for my core strength.

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  6. Are you sure your baby is comfortable in that thing? She's asleep. I'd say she's quite cozy.
  7. Is that thing going to prevent her from walking? Um, no.
  8. Are you worried that wearing your baby is just another way you are being overprotective? Excuse me? I can't hear you because my kid and I are in this protective bubble that magically shields us from negativity.
  9. Is there a baby in there? Nah. I'm just trying to hide a pregnancy. I know. I'm carrying really high. Must be a girl, right?
  10. Don't you feel silly wearing that? What? You don't think my carrier matches my outfit?
  11. Are you ever going to put baby down? Nope. I've even mastered going pee with baby still attached to me without even waking her up.

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  12. Does this mean you are part of that whole attachment parenting thing? [Said in monotone voice] We are a cult. Join us.
  13. Don't you think carrying her like that all the time will spoil her? It's spoiling me, really. It sure beats pushing a stroller. And having her tucked close to me keeps her safe and I'm going to preach the hands-free benefit again.
  14. Aren't you worried about being too close? Only when it's really hot and humid.

What is the craziest question someone has asked you about babywearing?