6 Ways Women Lie to Their Friends But Shouldn't

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I'm going to level with you: Your best friend probably lies to you about how great and beautiful and important you are. Sure, she does it out of love, but she's totally messing with your head when she does it. As comedian Louis C.K. says in his latest comedy bit, "You need to know that you're boring a little bit. Self love is a good thing, but self awareness is more important." OUCH! So we're here to help and to make sure you're not falling for -- or telling -- any of these very common kinds of friend fibs.


1. You're amazing! In this routine, Louie talks about overhearing a woman reassure a friend who can't understand why a guy won't text her back. The answer? "He just can't handle how amazing you are." As far as Louie is concerned, saying that makes you a "sh*tty best friend."

Like Louis says, you're probably fine. But you're not amazing. And if you ask me, when a guy thinks a woman is truly amazing, he actually texts her back. Consistently.

2. You are completely, 100 percent in the right! So you're recounting a fight you had with your husband. And your friend tries to be supportive by siding with you without condition. You know what? You probably contributed to that fight. Don't kid yourself. You are at least partly to blame. And we all know it, especially your BFF. Because she knows exactly the ways you're crazy-making in a relationship.

3. Your boyfriend/husband is GREAT! Sometimes this is true. But not always. Some friends judge significant others too harshly, while others don't want to break it to you that you really could have done better (and by the way he's kind of a sociopath). But don't worry -- she'll be there for you when he breaks your heart.

4. Stopit! You look so thin! This usually means it doesn't matter if you look thin or not, your BFF loves you unconditionally. Also, this conversation never gets interesting and she can't believe she's having it with you again. The "stopit" part isn't a lie.

5. Your kid is great -- I don't know what they're talking about! Actually, your kid is kind of a little stinker. But your friend wants to walk out of your home alive, with all her hair still in her head. So she lies.

6. It's fine! I'm not mad! She's mad. Whatever you said or did, she's upset about it. But for whatever reason, she doesn't want to talk about it, and she doesn't want to make a big deal about it. The best way out of this is to say, "well, I feel terrible about what I said/did, and I'm truly, truly sorry." And then give her some time alone.

If you're lucky, you'll make friends with women who tell you the hard truth you don't want to hear. Gently and compassionately. A friend who does that is a real keeper -- she really is amazing.

Do your friends tell you lies like these? Do you tell these lies to your friends?


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