This Kid Is Not Happy She Has a New Baby Sister. NOT Happy.​

toddler and baby

Kids don't always respond favorably when they hear they have a new baby sibling, and the latest example of this is a YouTube video of 2-year-old Piper, who has a meltdown after hearing about her new baby sister. No, she is not happy about it one bit.


Check out this video to see just how unhappy she is:

Sure, it's kinda funny ... but I also feel bad for poor Piper. Whenever I look through my family photo albums of me and my sister as a kid, I'm always sitting on my mom's lap, and my sister is glaring at me, oozing sibling jealousy.

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In other words, this toddler's meltdown is completely understandable, and it behooves parents to be a little kinder when they're dropping news like this on a kid!

How did your oldest child react to news of a new baby?


Image via Lisa A. Svara/shutterstock

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