Couple Turns Baby-Naming Angst Into Fun Taylor Swift Parody​​

Picking a baby name is tough: so many choices, so many months to mull them over! Which is why we love this funny pregnancy announcement by Kimmy Baker -- a parody of Taylor Swift's song "Blank Space" -- where she runs through all her favorite options and nails the baby naming angst that many moms feel.


Check out her hilarious video below:

As she happily rattles through her list -- Jerry, Chris, Crystal, Sky, and on and on -- she happily admits that baby naming is an "insane nightmare," and we think many other mothers will agree.

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But hey, you've gotta love how this mom turned the stressful process of baby naming into a memorable pregnancy announcement! Talk about upbeat. Once her baby is born, maybe we'll get another video bemoaning her lack of sleep?

Did you experience baby naming angst?


Image via Kimmy Baker/YouTube

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