16 Hysterical Love Notes Only a Kid Could Have Written

Judy Dutton | Jan 30, 2018 Being a Mom
16 Hysterical Love Notes Only a Kid Could Have Written
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Ah, young love. There's nothing quite like it ... and the same goes for the love notes little kids are inspired to write. Most people can remember their first crush -- the nerves, the racing heart, the butterflies in our stomachs, the drama. Combine all those big feelings into one teeny tiny little love note, and that's a recipe for some pretty, um, interesting confessions. Kids don't just say the darnedest things, they also write them down.

Whether it's a love note to a crush, a letter to a beloved teacher, or even just a poem about how much they love their mom, kids always seem to find the most hilariously uncensored ways to express their feelings. They can't help it, they're young. Kids are the best at saying what they truly feel and not giving a crap what anyone else thinks about it. But sometimes their honesty can even be a little over the top.

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CafeMom scoured the Internet and found 16 of the funniest examples of real love notes from little kids. These little ones pulled out all the stops to write the sweetest and most earnest "love letters" to the special people in their lives, and the results are nothing short of totally hysterical. Scroll on for the most brutally honest, heartbreakingly sincere, and adorably earnest love letters from little kids who have zero filter.

  • Thanks for Saying Yes


    Here's a kid who understands respect. "Would it be too early to start holding hands?" he asks. "Am I at the 'Honey' point yet?" The fact that he thought to ask these questions speaks volumes. And it's pretty darn cute to read, too.

  • Eat Cheese With Me


    So, the reader of this letter is pretty like a horse or a butterfly. They're invited over to eat cheese and watch robot battles, and there might even be magic? This is the definition of relationship goals.

  • Kiss Me After School?


    This letter gets very specific. Not only can the reader check yes or no to kissing Magen after school, they can also choose whether it's a "maybe" or "never" situation. Unfortunately, in this case, it appears Savion has chosen no and never. Better luck next time, Magen.

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  • Very Informative


    This kid clearly takes relationships seriously. He wrote a letter to "inform" his crush that he likes them. He also included a note asking them not to laugh at him, so I'm not sure what this kid has been through, but we feel for you, Ryan.

  • Best Teacher Ever ... Sort Of


    First is the worst, second is the best? Either way, this teacher clearly holds a place in this student's heart. So what if it's second place? She's probably more worried about the fact that her student calls her Rachel.

  • Get the Picture?


    Just in case this sender's sentiments weren't clear, he drew stick figures to drive the point home. Only where are the boy's arms? After all, it's not easy to hold hands walking down the hallway without them.

  • With All My What?!


    Well, anatomically speaking this kid is totally right: his butt is indeed bigger than his heart. But whether or not that's an appropriate unit for measuring love is a different issue entirely. Keep the butts in private, kid.

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  • Let's Date in a Month


    Ashely can't be this kid's girlfriend, but they should definitely try again in a month or two. After all, she's a smart girl and she knows young love won't last forever. She's lining up other options. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

  • How Nerds Talk Sweet


    A budding chemist? His mom should be proud! Plus, the kid knows how to make a good pun. They should print real valentines themed after this note.

  • Doing Time


    At first glance, "love" seems more like an afterthought, but then again, it looks like "punishment" has kept this star-crossed couple apart for a while. And he's clearly eager to meet up (and get his CD player back).

  • Let's Do ... What?


    This kid and his or her parents may need to have a serious talk once they get a load of this letter. Hopefully the kid has no idea what they're talking about and simply made a mistake. Otherwise, yikes.

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  • 'I Don't Know Myself'


    When someone sent their crush this "check yes or no" love letter, they probably weren't expecting an existential crisis in return. "I don't know. I don't know myself yet," the crush responded. They also noted that none of us really know ourselves until we're at least 18. No one tell him that most adults still haven't figured themselves out.

  • Love and Like


    This kid isn't even allowed to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, and already they want to know if someone loves them. And look at that full rainbow of hearts. Some serious thought went into this date -- or, uh, play date -- invitation.

  • More Than ... Cow?


    This kid loves their mom more than blue skies, rainbows, buttercups, butterflies, and ... cow. Just cow. Cows are pretty big, so I guess it's a sweet sentiment?

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  • My Little Buttercup ... Buttercup ... Buttercup


    Why call someone "princess" and "buttercup" once when it's possible to say it dozens of times? That seems to be the logic behind this kid love letter. We all love to be told we're loved, but maybe not quite this much.

  • Not the Boss


    The mom who shared this note on Instagram wrote that her son has two girls at school "fighting" over him. Clearly, the one who wrote this note doesn't care what the other girl thinks. Brutal.

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