16 Hysterical Love Notes Only a Kid Could Have Written


Ah, young love. There's nothing quite like it ... and the same goes for the love notes little kids are inspired to write. Most people can remember their first crush -- the nerves, the racing heart, the butterflies in our stomachs, the drama. Combine all those big feelings into one teeny tiny little love note, and that's a recipe for some pretty, um, interesting confessions. Kids don't just say the darnedest things, they also write them down.


Whether it's a love note to a crush, a letter to a beloved teacher, or even just a poem about how much they love their mom, kids always seem to find the most hilariously uncensored ways to express their feelings. They can't help it, they're young. Kids are the best at saying what they truly feel and not giving a crap what anyone else thinks about it. But sometimes their honesty can even be a little over the top.

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CafeMom scoured the Internet and found 16 of the funniest examples of real love notes from little kids. These little ones pulled out all the stops to write the sweetest and most earnest "love letters" to the special people in their lives, and the results are nothing short of totally hysterical. Scroll on for the most brutally honest, heartbreakingly sincere, and adorably earnest love letters from little kids who have zero filter.

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