The Chaos That Is Motherhood in 12 Hilarious Photos

Suzee Skwiot | Feb 4, 2015 Being a Mom

mom life seriesIt all started with a traditional back-to-school photoshoot, as most fun things do. Anna Angenend and her 2-year-old daughter Mia commemorated the big moment, but then an idea clicked. "I shot the first photo as a joke about my real feelings on school starting up," Angenend tells The Stir. "I had a lot of fun creating that first photo and my friends got a kick out of the shot. I had plenty of other ideas to portray the chaos of being a stay-at-home mom, so I shot another photo, then another." 

And like that, her hit series, "Mom Life," was born.

Since then, Angenend's photos have gone viral, most likely because they perfectly capture the chaos, hilarity, and love that every mom experiences on a daily basis. We chatted with Angenend about her journey, her favorite memories, and the most messy (but but charming) motherhood moments.

Take a look at the slideshow below and check out Anna Angenend Photography for more photos!

What's your favorite "Mom Life" moment?


Image via Anna Angenend Photography

  • Back to School


    It all started with this one photo and perfectly captures Mia's character. "She's very opinionated, but I love it," says Angenend. "She makes me laugh every day, and teaches me to be patient and flexible."

  • All Hands on Deck


    "My husband is out of town for work three weeks out of the month, so my daughter and I are together 24/7 during that time," says Angenend. "When he's gone, it amplifies the chaos of being a mom."

  • Peace and Quiet


    "Mia is so expressive, and I love the goofy face she made in [the picture above]," she says. "That photo has remained my favorite for a while."

  • Dr. Mia


    "Although the photos are an exaggeration of situations I've been in with Mia, I think they resemble how I sometimes feel at the end of the day," she adds, as all moms nod in agreement. 

  • Silent Nights? Forget It


    "Mia turned 2 in October," says Angenend. "At this young age, every month makes such a massive difference in her development and personality. When I first started shooting the series, she was almost 2. Back then, I think she mostly enjoyed the fact that mommy would act very silly to try and get the expression from her that I envisioned for the photo."

  • Hide & Read


    "A few weeks ago, we were playing hide and seek," she adds. "I was crouched down behind some furniture trying to reply to a week-old text from my friend and occasionally shouting, 'Come find me!' as Mia wandered through the house shouting, 'Mommy, where are yeeew?' Three days later I shot 'Hide & Read.' Each of the photos has a similar back story."

  • Santa's Coming


    "The dynamic of our relationship evolves as she grows, so each new photo is a different experience or challenge for me," she says. "I can communicate with her better now, but she has her own ideas too. It's actually made it more difficult for me to get the photo!"

  • Makeup Mishap


    "Every couple of months, I say to my husband, 'This is the best stage yet, she's so much fun!'" adds Angenend. "Granted, each new phase Mia goes through brings new challenges, but that's also what I enjoy about parenthood. Being a mom really encourages a lot of personal growth. Plus, the rewards always outweigh any of the stress from parenting."

  • Dinner Time!


    "She loves to help me cook, and she has declared herself official stirrer and taste tester," Angenend says. "Her stirring skills could use some work, I get flour all over my counters! Ergo, the messy kitchen photo. "

  • Mia Gets Dressed


    "There was the phase where she was suddenly so very determined to get herself dressed without any help from Mommy," Mom says. "I was proud of her, but it wasn't easy for either of us to get through! That was the inspiration behind [the above photo]."

  • Potheads


    "She likes to pull a step stool up to my camera and act as though she's making a lot of important adjustments," she adds about the above photo. "During the most recent photo, it took a good three minutes for me to get her to move past sitting on the couch saying, 'cheese' to resuming her playing. She was also extremely particular about where each of her stuffed animals would sit."

  • One Trip or Die


    This moment? We all know it. And it never ends.

    "I am looking forward to a lifetime of them with her, and I'll gladly accept the challenges and the chaos to have those moments full of awe, wonder, and unconditional love," she adds.

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