12 Bills Moms Wish They Could Send Other Parents

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So it would seem we can all agree that sending an invoice to the parents of a child who missed your kid's birthday party is an outrageously tacky -- and possibly borderline insane -- thing to do (this really happened). But be honest: Has there ever been a time when you would have felt completely justified sending a bill to another kid's mom or dad? 


Raising kids is expensive business, after all. From spur-of-the-moment diversions (Sure, we can stop for ice cream!) to unexpected disasters (What do you mean our insurance doesn't cover the orthodontist?), there's no end to the hidden costs. And while most of these are no one's fault, per se -- least of all an innocent child -- if someone else's innocent child should do something that sets you back a few bucks, it's only natural to wish his parents would step up and shell out. Even if you would never actually ask.

Here are just a few of the many things we'd love to send other parents a bill for:

1. The Play-Doh set your kid turned from "24 Pack of Colors" to "One Pack of Mud Brown" by mashing all the colors together in a big ball when they came over for a playdate.

2. The professional haircut we had to get our kid after your kid stuck a piece of gum on the top of her head.

3. The chalkboard your kid covered in permanent marker when she was playing "school" with our kids.

4. The overpriced organic gummy treats our kid has been begging for ever since your kid started trading them to her at lunch.

5. The trip to the American Girl "doll hospital" made necessary by your kid's game of "Samantha Goes to the Tanning Salon."

6. The "deluxe interior detailing" service at the car wash which didn't even begin to get the smell of the milk your kid spilled in the backseat out of the upholstery.

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7. The bill for the emergency room visit we had to make after your kid gave our kid a too-enthusiastic shove on the swings.

8. The hour-long appointment at that "lice removal salon."

9. The new mattress we had to buy after the last time your son ate too much candy at a sleepover ... before jumping on the bed.

10. The therapy sessions our kid needed after he watched The Babadook at your house during a sleepover ... while you were completely oblivious.

11. The hamster we had to replace after your kid left the cage door open.

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12. The therapy sessions we needed after your kid told our kid where babies come from.

What do you wish you could send other parents a bill for?


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