I Have 5 Kids: Get Over It

5 kidsWe have 5 kids. They range in age from 11 to 11 months. We're stuck with a minivan, and we're almost to the point that when we go out to eat, we have a group big enough that gratuity automatically gets added to our checks, and we had to buy a bigger kitchen table just so we could all sit together. We are well aware of the fact that we are considered to be a large family.

And yes, we do know what causes that.



While we mostly receive compliments on how well-behaved our brood is, there's the occasional intrusive comment or disapproving look. But the thing we hear the most -- which really grates on my nerves -- is 'Wow! You really have your hands full!'

Here's what I have to say about that ...

  1. Here's your sign. (Bill Engvall, anyone?) It just annoys me in general when people state the obvious.
  2. If you think I have my hands full, why are you taking my attention away from what I'm doing JUST to tell me that? I'm in the check-out line with 5 kids who are all asking me for candy bars, beef jerky, and quarters to play games. All I want to do is pay, and gather my things so I can leave. Not interested in having a conversation about my reproduction habits with a stranger.
  3. Do you think that parents with fewer kids really have their hands less full? I can tell you right now that I know people who have only one or two kids, but have way more on their plate than I do.
  4. Coming up to me and saying that is the equivalent of me seeing a single woman buying cat food, and saying 'You have cats, huh? You must be lonely!'

My family isn't some kind of side show. We just happen to have a few more kids than the average family. And hey, we don't even have as many as the Brady Bunch, much less the Duggars. 

So, next time you're in a store and you see a large family minding their own business, trying to get stuff done, do them a favor and let them do their thing. I promise you: Whatever you are going to say, they've heard it already, and nothing is more annoying than hearing it again ... especially when we're trying to handle a gaggle of kids as we act oh-so-pleasant to a stranger who is trying to stick their nose in a place it doesn't belong.

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