​Dad vs. Toddler: Who's Really in Charge at Home? (VIDEO)

little girl

Anyone who's ever had a child who's of standing and/or walking age has likely found said child on a table. Or a counter. Or precariously close to toilet bowl water. Mobile children are dangerous, albeit adorable, creatures, and there's no sense in trying to talk them out of the (naughty) thing they're partaking in ... right?


One dad, who found his sweet little daughter standing on top of the TV stand, tried "yelling" at her in order to get her to get down. But as you can imagine, his reprimanding proved to be futile. Watch how a daddy and his daughter get into a hilarious "fight" about who's in charge in the house. 

I don't know, Dad. Your little girl is making some good points. And I hate to break it to you, but it doesn't really look like you're the one ruling the roost.

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Now, obviously, this father is just joking around, but this sweet video does inadvertently bring up a good point: A sense of humor is crucial when dealing with kids -- especially toddlers who can (and will) get into anything and everything they shouldn't. 

Of course it can be a pain when your little one does something he or she shouldn't -- or worse, doesn't want to stop doing something that's potentially dangerous -- but keeping things light and remembering that they're just kids really can go a long way. 

And, hey, you might get an awesome video out of it that you can show at your kid's wedding. Win-win. 

How do you keep things light when dealing with your kids?

Image via Gareth Roe/YouTube

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