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10 Places Designed to Drive Moms Absolutely Bonkers

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Fact: Some places are just easier to go to without the kids. Actually, there are some places moms tend to avoid at all costs when they're with their little ones, because in all honesty, these places can make their lives a living hell. Whether it's the sample guy trying to shove free chocolate down your kid's throat or a "quick" trip to the post office, here are 10 places no mom ever wants to take their kid. 

What places do you avoid with your kids?

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1The Free Sample Stand

Two seconds ago, when you offered your kid an apple, they weren't hungry. But, now that the grocery store is handing out samples of chocolate, they're starving! And, of course, one of these little stands always pops up right inside the door of the grocery store a half-hour before dinner. 

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2Public Restrooms

Public restrooms are bad enough without kids. But, throw in a toddler who sees nothing wrong with licking the toilet paper dispenser, and it's H-E-L-L. 

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3Anywhere You're Trying to Be 'Quick'

The post office, the bank, the grocery store for a simple quart of milk -- none of these places are ever easy when you've got a little one in tow. 

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4The Parking Lot Full of Puddles

Yes, it's adorable when the kids play in the rain or snow ... but not when you're swiftly trying to keep them from getting hit by that giant SUV.

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5The Toy Aisle

Sometimes, the toy aisle is avoidable. Other times? Not so much. And, the result? Tantrum City! If you ever have to buy another child a birthday gift in the presence of your little one, my condolences. 

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"I can't wait for the flight with the kids!" ... said no mom ever.

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7Your Front Lawn ... When the Ice Cream Truck Is There

Have you ever been able to successfully prevent your child from getting a treat from the truck before dinner sans a tantrum?

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8Clothes Shopping for Yourself

Nothing can make clothes shopping for yourself less relaxing than bringing a little one along with you. (You get a gold star if you can prevent little Sally from looking under other people's dressing rooms.)

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9Clothes Shopping for Them

She's perfectly fine with the fact that all of her pants are two sizes too small. 

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