Son's Card to Mom After He Finds Out Dad's Cheating Goes Viral (PHOTO)

son sends mom card after dad cheatsAnd the award for Son of the Year goes to ... Ryan. When the Reddit user found out that his dad had cheated on his mom, he sent Mom the best possible greeting card ever with a fitting signature: "Sorry Dad's an a**hole."


It was found in the "terminally ill" section, but hey, it totally fits. Check out the hilarious card:

A short message, but it works perfectly well.

We're not doubting that Mom is feeling just a little sick after learning the truth about Dad. So in a very strange way, Ryan's card is totally appropriate.

And at the very least, it probably gave her a good little chuckle during this hard time. A little smile is always a great thing.

What do you think of the card?


Image via imgur

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