20 Experiments That Will Tell You If You're Ready for Kids

kids making messThere isn't an exact science to determine whether you're cut out for parenthood or not. But, there are a few experiments you can conduct in order to gauge how ready you are for kids. Think you're ready to be a mom? Here, 20 things to try first.


1. Set your alarm for every hour and a half on the dot during the night. Oh! And while you're up, listen to a recording of a crying baby. Thoughts?

2. Before you leave the house, grab an extra 20 pounds of crap to take with you. Bonus points if said crap can wiggle, make a mess in your back seat, and/or throw a tantrum in the produce aisle. 

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3. Walk over to your beautiful gold watch. Pick it up. Now throw it in the toilet. 

4. Go to your local store and buy the noisiest, most garish toys you can find. Spread throughout your home. Now turn all of them on. 

5. Put hand prints all over windows, doors, appliances. 

6. Sprinkle Cheerios and/or another small snacking food in couch cushions, under rugs, and mash into the seats of your car. 

7. Cover your clothes in foreign, sticky substances.

8. Become intimately acquainted with another person's poop. How does it make you feel?

9. Make sure there's always a pile of dirty laundry somewhere in your home (or a clean pile that hasn't been folded for days).

10. Turn your purse into a vat of crumbs, diapers, napkins, and 3-week old string cheeses. 

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11. Make plans with people, then push back the meeting time three times. 

12. Go a week without knowing where your keys, the remote control, or the apple you were in the middle of eating went. 

13. Skip showers for a few days. 

14. Invite someone over who's around two feet tall and have them ask you the question "why" approximately 473 times in one day. 

15. Put princess stickers all over your dog and see if he likes it. 

16. Pull everything off of your shelves and onto the floor. Leave it there. 

17. Try sleeping with a foot wedged in the small of your back. 

18. Have someone wake you by pulling up your eyelids and asking, "Are you up yet?"

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19. Enlist friends, family members, and neighbors to give you completely unsolicited advice for a week. 

20. Think of the thing or person you love very most in this world. Now multiply it by a million. (Feels pretty good, no?)

How did you know you were ready for kids?

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