​​Little Girl's Birthday Ruined in 5 Seconds Flat (VIDEO)

girl birthday

Birthdays are the pinnacle of a young child's life ... which can easily fall into ruins when, say, a birthday party guest gets out of hand. Take, as exhibit A, this video of a boy who blows out a girl's birthday cake candle. Seriously, folks, who hasn't had this happen to them?


Check out just how fast this boy strikes, plus the hilarious soundtrack added by parents (warning: this clip includes some naughty language so you may not want to play this in front of your kids):

Seriously, this poor girl did not stand a chance. The boy had snuffed out her candle before she'd even finished inhaling! 

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You know what happens next here: girl gets upset, boy gets sent to his room with no cake, parents are super vigilant about birthday candle-blowing ceremonies going forward. It's an awesome reminder that kids can be SO rude ... and the results so hilarious.

What's gone wrong at kid birthdays you've been to?


Image via Unexpected Thug Life/Vine

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