Naughty Kidz Bop Version of 'All About That Bass' Has Parents Outraged (VIDEO)

all about that bass meghan trainorMeghan Trainor's hit song "All About That Bass" was the song of summer 2K14. And what happens to every single hit song ever made? Well, it get made into a G-rated Kidz Bop version, naturally. And that's what happened with the body acceptance anthem. Except, well, it wasn't so G-rated. While the original line goes "I'm bringing booty back," the Bop version sounds accidentally explicit.


Take a listen closely, and see if you can catch it:


Anyone else hear "I'm bringing anal back"?! Because plenty of other people did.

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Listeners took to Twitter to immediately, well, freak out!

So if you're listening, this is the time to go crazy and then subtly turn the speakers way down. How dare they talk about anal in a kids' song?!?! Oh, the absurdity!

No wait. But before you trash the album completely, there is a very, very simple explanation for the whole thing. Listen to it again:

The lyrics are actually "I'm bringing it all back!"

And there you go. Maybe this is all just a sign we all need to get our minds out of the gutter ...

Did you also hear the inappropriate version?


Image via MeghanTrainorVEVO/YouTube

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