14 Craziest Demands Babysitters Have Made

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Babysitters are supposed to make mom's lives easier ... and usually they do. But every once in awhile the person you hire to watch your kids can be amazingly high maintenance themselves.


Think your sitter expects a lot from you, considering she's supposed to be helping?

Check out these stories from moms on the craziest requests babysitters have made of them. They're testament to the fact that good help can be surprisingly hard to find!

  1. "When my kids were younger and I was desperate to find good babysitters, I came across Ginny. Ginny’s first request was that I ALWAYS have white peaches on hand. Okay? I didn’t realize custom-ordered snacks were required, but I tried to comply with the peach request. Her second weird request was for clean towels in each room so she could wipe her sweat. Apparently she perspired profusely just hanging out watching the tube and she wanted to be prepared ... to this day, the kids and I call her 'Sweaty Ginny.'"
  2. "When I was interviewing sitters for my oldest, one told me that she refused to feed babies breast milk -- only formula or cows' milk. Needless to say, we didn't hire her."
  3. "One babysitter texted me at work and said I had to come home early. The reason? Her boyfriend was hungry and they had to go to dinner!"
  4. "I had a sitter tell me that I had to get my child's behavior under control because my daughter threw a tantrum that was 'a full 20 minutes of screaming and crying.' My daughter was 2 1/2 years old at the time. I found a new sitter."
  5. "A prospective babysitter for my two kids drove up in a fancy car and asked me about the profit sharing plan. It seems her previous boss in New York had a boutique and stated that when the boutique did well, it was a direct result of how well the children were being taken care of at home. I didn’t hire her."
  6. "Once a babysitter asked me to pay her security deposit on her apartment so she would have a place to live. I said no; she never came back!"
  7. "One sitter told me that I was making their job 'harder' because my child eats organic. So instead of organic broccoli, she asked that I serve regular broccoli instead. That's even though I buy the groceries! She also said cleaning up in my house is harder because I use organic cleaners ... is the spray bottle different? I also use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels. She said 'I only know how to use paper towels to dry the counter.'"

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  8. "One babysitter demanded better snacks in my house for her and my child. Snacks in my house are fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and rice cakes, corn chips. She wanted cookies, candies and Cheetos!"
  9. "I had one babysitter who said last minute that she had to take the day off to see the Dali Lama -- like my 14 clients understood?"
  10. "I pay the babysitters to be at my place at 2:45, since my son gets out of school at 3 p.m. That way, I know that they will be there early for when he gets off the bus and they aren't rushed -- or if there is an issue that gives them some leeway to get there at my expense. Nonetheless, I had one sitter tell me, 'I don't want to waste my time sitting around.'"
  11. "I have a sitter that won't say yes to babysitting unless I tell her where I am going first -- it's like if the answer is cool enough she says yes!"
  12. "One sitter just wanted to watch court TV in peace. So she would lay my infant in the playard and lock my 3-year-old in her room with her own boy. Understandably, my son got sick of this and broke the gate to get to the bathroom. Then, this sitter had the gall to ask me for money to replace it! I told her to kiss my a--. I promptly found an awesome sitter right away. Then my older sitter demanded two week's worth of lost wages for the lack of notice! Obviously I did not give it to her."
  13. "One sitter said that they had a three-hour minimum ... and could only work three hours max!"
  14. "When our daughter was 12 weeks, I went back to work and started dropping her off at a sitter's who lived just five minutes away. Then she moved so far off, it wasn't possible to continue. So we found a day care who'd take her instead. When we told the sitter this, she said 'well you have to pay me for next week because of the short notice!' Huh? She only gave us 12-hours notice she was moving. So I told her no, you won't be getting next weeks pay."

What's the weirdest demand a babysitter has made of you?


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