20 Things Never to Say to Mothers With Sons

mom hugging young son

Boys aren't really made up of snips and snails and puppy dog tails, but try telling that to some people who insist they know exactly what raising a boy is like. (In a nutshell: Hard. Dirty. Exhausting.) Everyone's got an opinion when they see you've got a son.


Here, moms generously share some of the strangest and rudest comments they've heard about their baby boys. Please, take heed and never repeat them again!

1. Hope you have a lot of Band-Aids. Boys are a handful. Handful of what, exactly?

2. Boys are sooo much harder than girls. Actually, being a mom to one of each, I can confidently say that they both have their challenges.

3. Aw, he'd make a pretty girl. Sure, but I think he makes a pretty cute boy already!

4. I bet your husband is happy. That he has a healthy baby? Yes.

5. He is such a boy! No, he has a lot of energy because he's a kid.

6. Bummer! You're going to miss out on all the cute baby clothes. Trust me, they make adorable clothes for boys, too.

7. Has he peed you on yet? Dude, all babies pee on you.

8. Boys take forever to potty train. Never a good thing to say to any mom who's already worried about potty training.

9. You can't baby him. Boys need to be tough. Oh, yes, because "tough" is what I hope my son grows up to be, rather than kind?

10. No wonder you haven't had any trouble breastfeeding, heh heh. Okay, eww!

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11. Enjoy him now. Once he gets older, he'll only want to hang out with your husband. Thanks for that vote of confidence.

12. What do you do together? Uh, everything I do with my daughter?

13. At least now you don't have to worry about him competing with you when he's older. I would think of a comeback but my jaw is still on the floor.

14. Do you make him do baseball? (Or soccer, or peewee football, or karate ...) Why would I "make" him do anything he doesn't want to do? (Within reason, of course.)

15. Were you trying for a girl? Excuse me?

16. What I mean is, are you going to keep trying for a girl? Because this adorable, sweet child in front of me isn't enough?

17. (Sigh.) Better you than me. With that attitude, I would agree!

18. Did you get him circumcised? Hello, person I barely know ... and you want to know what about my son's penis?

19. No wonder you look so tired. I look tired because I have a child, not because of his gender!

20. You know what they say about boys, wink, wink. No, but I know what I say about creepy people who say this about boys.

What did we forget to put on the list?


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