10 Guardian Angels Every Mom Has Watching Out for Her

Stephanie Booth | Feb 20, 2015 Being a Mom

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As moms, there are simply some days where we wish we had extra hands and more time, not to mention a reserve of patience. Happily, help is out there -- and in some very unexpected forms. Here, the  guardian angels who've probably come to your rescue already.

(And if not, don't worry. We're sure they'll find you when you need them most.)

We have to admit, #10 is our favorite. What about you?


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  • The Mom With a Diaper


    You: In a public restroom, realizing your child has just blown through their diaper... and you're all out of clean ones.

    Your Guardian Angel: Waltzes through the door at just that moment, with a fully-stocked diaper bag and supplies she's willing to share. Not only that, but her diapers are better than yours.

  • The "You Go First" Guardian


    You: Running super-late and dealing with hungry, fussy children. And of course, there's a line at the supermarket.

    Your Guardian Angel: Takes one look at you, smiles and says, "Here, you go ahead." And is so gracious about it that you have to smile, too.

    *Can also be found giving up their seats on subways and buses.

  • The Fortune Teller


    You: Fretting over something you don't understand. Why does your baby always cry for one hour every night? Why won't her diaper rash go away? And no book or doctor you talk to has an answer.

    Your Guardian Angel: Maybe it's an expert you see being interviewed on TV, maybe it's another mom you overhear at the library, but this guardian angel clearly describes your issue -- and exactly how to solve it.

  • The Badly-Needed Confidence Booster


    You: Feeling boring and off your game. Since when did you turn into a mom?

    Your Guardian Angel: Maybe it's an impossibly hip sales clerk who compliments you out of the blue in a store. Or maybe it's a man who does a double-take as you walk down the street. Either way, you get a much-needed boost to your self-esteem.

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  • The Happy Helper


    You: Staring at the carton of eggs/jar of pickles your impish toddler has just thrown out of your cart and which is now all over Aisle 10 of the store.

    Your Guardian Angel: Not only quips something to make you feel better, but comes over and starts efficiently scooping up shards of glass/mopping up egg. Oh, and when the store manager comes over, she doesn't even say it was your fault.

  • The Super-Fast Server


    You: Wishing you hadn't gone out to dinner after all. Your toddler is on the verge of an enormous meltdown.

    Your Guardian Angel: Swoops over to your table and brings crayons, paper, saltine crackers, and extra napkins without being asked. Did we mention your food is ready in record time? Not that it matters since your child is suddenly, blissfully content.

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  • The Reality Check


    You: Stuck in a rut -- complaining and resenting well, pretty much everything in your life.

    Your Guardian Angel: Might not talk to you directly. You could read her story in a magazine or overhear her talking in a restroom. This mom has been through hell and back with her kids -- fighting sickness, financial issues, heartache, you name it -- but is so upbeat and inspiring that you realize you need to be grateful for what you have.

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  • The Mary Poppins


    You: In need of a great sitter -- and you've reached a point where you're pretty sure you will never find one.

    Your Guardian Angel: Rings your doorbell just like Mary Poppins. And she's trustworthy, experienced, kind -- and happy to come whatever hours you need her.

    *This guardian angel is usually also an excellent baker of cupcakes.

  • The Patient Airline Passenger


    You: Taking a long flight with a baby fussy from colic/an ear infection/just because.

    Your Guardian Angel: Takes the seat beside you and not only doesn't complain about your child's crying, but a) gushes over how sweet he is and b) compliments you on what a great mom you are. And just like that, baby peacefully falls asleep.

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  • The Furry Caregiver


    You: Concerned because your child hurt himself at the park. Or maybe although it was no big deal, your kiddo still won't calm down.

    Your Guardian Angel: Ambles up with a wagging tail (did we mention that this guardian angel is always a dog?) and gives your little one a slobbery kiss or a tennis ball to throw, letting them know everything is okay. Expect your kiddo's tears and/or your worry to stop in seconds flat.

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