Teacher Busting a Move to ​'Uptown Funk' Goes Viral (VIDEO)

uptown funk dance school

High school isn't just for learning science and literature and all that serious stuff ... it's also a place to have fun and create memories, and this viral "Uptown Funk" dance video is a perfect example. Led by theater arts teacher Scot Pankey at A. Maceo New Tech High School in Dallas, Texas, this elaborately choreographed dance to the song by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars looks like a blast!


Check it out yourself to see how much fun they're having:

Honestly, aren't theater teachers always the most fun? And clearly this took some serious time to put together, from the color-coordinated sequin outfits to the dance moves -- not to mention a time when they could roam through the entire school with impunity.

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All I can say is it's so nice to see educators doing something different to engage kids, rather than just being total sticks in the mud, ya know? And hopefully these kids will be able to look back at this video decades later and think, "Hey, high school was a pretty good time."

Have you seen or made any amazing high school videos?


Image via YouTube/TrippyJV

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