10 Guilty Thoughts Moms Have When Buying Presents on a No-Kids Vacation​

“I said I missed them,” my 6-year-old hissed to his brother, who elbowed him deeper in the ribs. “You’re not supposed to ask for the gifts FIRST,” my 9-year-old responded. They glared at each other, then turned to me, all innocent expressions: “We’re so glad you’re back, Mom!” I hugged them close, and at least half a second of warm family time went by before my 6-year-old started surreptitiously rooting through my luggage.


What could I do but shrug it off, because I knew exactly what they were looking for — the results of me having gone through the 10 Phases of Mom-Vacation-Induced-Guilt-Purchasing.

Image via Flickr/stewtopia

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