The Kick-Ass Ad That Will End 'Mommy Wars' -- At Least Until You Dry Your Tears (VIDEO)

similac mother hood video

Parenthood is a lot like joining a gang: once you've chosen a clan -- to breastfeed or formula feed, to stay at home or go back to work -- it's hard not to judge parents who choose a path that's different from yours. Well, who would have thought that a formula company would create a video that depicts just how ridiculous all this judginess really is? Called the Mother 'Hood video by Similac, the commercial portrays a bunch of snarky parents at a playground. And it's hilarious! Take a look yourself below:


You've gotta love the gangsta overtones ... and how these parents give voice to all those disparaging comments we might think but are too PC to say ourselves (unless it's whispered behind someone's back, of course).

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Of course, it's sad that it takes a crisis -- in this case a runaway stroller -- to make everyone realize that we're all parents and in this together. But maybe this video will help us remember that a crisis could hit anyone at any point. So maybe the next time I head to the playground and start turning up my nose at some mom who whips out a bottle of formula -- like Similac! -- I'll think of this video, smile, and strike up a conversation instead.

What do you think of this video?


Image via Similac

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