​Mom Turns Apology Notes to Her Baby Into a Viral Sensation (PHOTOS)

Suzee Skwiot | Jan 23, 2015 Being a Mom

dear baby xoIt all started with a very inappropriate thought. "I was nursing my infant for the millionth time and found myself thinking, 'I wish she would hurry up and finish so I could have a glass of wine,'" Sarah Showfety tells The Stir. And just like that, Dear Baby XO was born.

And now, Showfety and her 21-month-old create hilarious memes based on their adventures. After laughing at her urge to pour some wine during breastfeeding, another thought popped in: "I thought, 'There's probably a lot more sub-par parenting moments to apologize for,'" adds Showfety. "So I began to keep a list and, well, it got pretty long. I figured other parents must be thinking and doing some of the same things and could probably relate and use a laugh themselves." And then the Facebook page started.

And it's gone viral ever since, and for a great reason. "Parenting is a tough, often isolating job and I want people to laugh and feel lighter," Showfety says, and we couldn't agree more!

Take a look at some of Dear Baby XO's best memes below. And you can submit your own photos and moments through the Dear Baby XO Facebook page.

Have you ever had a hilarious parenting moment like this?


Image via Dear Baby XO

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