Pregnant Woman's Sexy Dance Has Ending Even She Didn't See Coming (VIDEO)

pregnant woman twerks and water breaksWhen it comes to embarrassing your kids, you can never start too early. Like, say, when you're still pregnant? Take one viral video, for example. This clip of a pregnant woman has been a runaway hit online and it features her twerking-while-pregnant and then ... her water breaks. And it's guaranteed to haunt the child for years to come.


No one's confirmed whether or not the video is real, but the humiliation will be. All thanks to some jamming to Sadé’s classic song "No Ordinary Love," we have this hilarity. Take a look at the shot (and warning, NSFW because of bad language):

One thing's for sure: she has some great moves for a woman about to give birth at any moment.

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Is it funny? Possibly. Impressive? Certainly. But also somewhat humiliating once the little guy is older. Imagine knowing you made your grand entrance into the world because Mom was getting her groove on while cleaning. Yes, that's not ideal for any kid.

So here's a warning to all you moms-to-be: don't dance while heavily pregnant! Your water may unexpectedly break and you'll immediately give your kids their most embarrassing moment.

What do you think of the video?


Image via RedCowHillsTV/YouTube

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