Little Boy Answers 'Do You Like Me?' Note Like a Little Old Man

kid note

It's an age-old dance: girl likes boy; passes him a note to see if the feelings are mutual. Only instead of checking the "yes" or "no" box, one little boy recently responded to a little girl's crush in a far more hilarious way. Check out his answer below:


It makes us laugh and cry: honestly, what could be so complicated and stressful about this boy's life? Is he pondering his future career path? Paying a mortgage?

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But hey, at least this boy is self-aware enough to know that romantic relationships are best forged only after you have a fully formed sense of your values and goals ... which supposedly kicks in at the age of 18. 

Or maybe this is just a gentle brush off along the lines of "It's not you, it's me." Whatever it is, it's masterful -- and a sign that kids are far wiser than we often give them credit for.

Have your kids ever written a note that made you laugh?


Image via Lindsrae/Reddit

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