25 Most Outrageous Bits of Parenting Advice Moms Have Ever Gotten

What is it about a pregnant belly or a new baby that just screams, "I'M HELPLESS, I NEED ADVICE!" It seems like everyone -- the in-laws, the neighbors, the grocery store clerk -- wants to weigh in on how to raise the perfect child. And while it's well-meant (you hope, anyway), a lot of that advice will be ridiculous, outrageous, or just plain bad.


Ladies: PLEASE consult your doctor before believing anyone who tells you to put pee in your kid's eye (really) or giving them whiskey. And in the meantime, enjoy this list of the worst and most ridiculous advice moms have ever gotten.

What's the worst advice YOU'VE gotten as a mom? Can it top #4?


Image via PathDoc/shutterstock

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