20 Things Never to Say to Moms With Daughters

mom sticking fingers in ears not listening

As mom to a girl, I have been fielding bizarre questions -- usually from strangers -- since pregnancy. (Which, FYI, was eight years ago.)


Many of the weirdest questions I've been asked or the unintentionally snide comments that have been made about my being the mom of someone with double-X chromosomes have come not from men, but women. Which somehow makes them sting more.

Below, a list of outrageously inappropriate things I, and other moms with daughters, have heard. And which, really, no one should ever say with a straight face again.

1. "Wow, you're so lucky. Girls are so peaceful and quiet." Sorry, we couldn't hear you over the screaming. Could you repeat, please?

2. "When are you going to have a boy ... for your husband?" We think a better question would be: Why on earth would you think my brilliant daughter isn't enough?

3. "Too bad you're not having a boy. Girls suck the pretty right out of you." Gee, thanks, stranger, for giving me a complex!

4. "Are you scared you two won't get along?" Hmmm. No, not until you asked.

5. "Does she hate you yet?" She is only a baby/2 years old/6 years old/8 years old! Would people stop asking me this already?

6. "Does she hate math?" No. And she doesn't hate mud, wrestling with her brother, or Star Wars either.

7. "Girls are so much harder than boys. I'm glad I don't have one." I'm glad you don't either with that attitude.

8. "Better buy stock in Barbies. All girls love Barbies." Put away your swinging watch, lady.

9. "Have you told her about her period yet?" Wait, what?

10. "How are you going to tell her about her period?" Seriously, people. What is up with the period fixation? Mind your own buziness!

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11. "Does your husband want to lock her up and throw away the key?" A, no. And B, do you not hear how vaguely creepy that sounds?

12. "That's nice. Now you have someone to help you in the kitchen." Oh, but I already do -- my husband.

13. "Enjoy her now. She'll pretend she doesn't know you when she gets to middle school." Middle school is rough for every human being, but I think we'll be fine.

14. "Do you let your husband change her diaper?" He's her father, so yes.

15. "Has the eye rolling started?" (Said to the mom of a newborn.)

16. "Now you need a brother to look after her!" Or here's a better idea: I can teach her to look after herself.

17. "Now you need a brother so she can look after him!" Yes, because my secret plan is to make my daughter an indentured servant/nanny.

18. "I should have guessed you have a girl. No wonder you look so tired." Hint: Never tell any mother how tired she looks.

19. "Why isn't she dressed in pink/frills/dresses? Are you not doing 'the girl thing'?" I'm not sure what 'the girl thing' is, but apparently not.

20. "Have you started saving for the wedding yet?" Nope, we're doing college first.

21. "Too bad. If you were having a son, you'd only have one penis to worry about." We don't even know where to start.

What's the craziest thing someone's ever said about your daughter?


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