12 Things Worth Lying About To Your Child

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As parents, we teach our kids to always tell the truth, George Washington-style. We also try to set a good example by giving them honest answers. That said, every once in a while, telling a lie to your little one makes perfect sense.

Not, mind you, because you're feeling lazy or have done something shifty. But simply because, in the immortal words of Jack Nicholson, sometimes kids just can't handle the truth. (And honestly, shouldn't have to just yet.)


 Here, 12 out-and-out lies that, IMHO, are totally okay to tell your kids.

  1. "I have no idea what that word means."  Because there are some words that a five-year-old really doesn't need to add to their vocabulary.
  2. "It doesn't look so bad." Because if you're freaking out, your kid is going to freak out even more.
  3. "If you keep doing that, someone's head is going to crack open". Because you really need a good visual to get your kids to stop "spider-wrestling" on the back of the couch.
  4. "I think you'll be happy when school starts again". Because if you plant the seed, hopefully it will grow.
  5. "Huh. I have no idea how your Dream Barbie with a Stripper Pole/bucket of old Halloween candy/drum set got into the recycling/trash." Because sometimes you just need an out.
  6. "I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you." Because sometimes that's the best way to deal with whining.

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  7. "People who do bad things always get in trouble."  Because so badly, we want this to be true! 
  8. "All kids go to college. It's just what they do." Because we want the best for our kids.
  9. "By this time next week, your hair will look a lot longer." Because as a mom, our motto is "Comfort first. Be scientifically accurate second."
  10. "That's not that much homework. You'll fly through it!" See reason above.
  11. "Aw, look, the dog is worried about you." Because sometimes distraction is a great way to stop a child from crying.
  12. "Everything will be okay." Because as parents, we will always hope.


What lie do you feel it's okay to tell your kids?


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