20 Things Kids Today Will Never Have to Worry About

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Part of being a mom is worrying about all the things your kid has to worry about: Terrorism. Ebola. Not being able to find a steady job after college. But hey, there's a bright side to everything and we've found one. Thanks to how rapidly our world has changed over the past few decades, plenty of things that freaked us out as kids simply don't exist anymore.


Here, 20 things your child will never (ever!) have to worry about:

1. Calling a friend and getting a busy signal.

2. Worrying that if they're not at home, in front of the TV, at exactly 7 p.m. on a Thursday night, they'll miss an episode of their favorite sitcom -- forever.

3. Having to share the very back of a station wagon with their siblings and arguing over who's stretched out more.

4. A VCR suddenly eating their favorite tape.

5. Going to Blockbuster only to find out that the video they really wanted to watch is all rented out.

6. Losing track of their friends at the mall and having no clue how to find them again.

7. Hanging out at the mall.

8. Not instantly knowing the answer to any question.

9. Having to trade out their ugly tan M&M's.

10. Losing their fave mix tape because they left it in the cassette deck of their car on a freezing cold day. (Sniff!)

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11. Having a sore shoulder because they've been carrying around a Boombox all day.

12. Learning the Macarena.

13. Doing research by going to the library, looking in the card catalog, and crossing their fingers that the book they need is actually on the shelf.

14. Wanting to have a private conversation on the phone, but the cord won't reach into another room!

15. Getting lost while driving.

16. Having no clue what happened to friends after they move away.

17. Waiting agonizingly long days for pictures to be developed at the FotoMat.

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18. Being so late for a flight that they have to run right up to the departure gate (with friends and family members in tow).

19. Cigarettes being super-cool.

20. Slathering themselves with baby oil and getting a wicked bad sunburn because "that's the only way to get tan."

What other things do kids today (luckily!) no longer have to worry about?


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