9 Things Kids Really Need to Learn the Hard Way​

Linda Sharps | Jan 13, 2015 Being a Mom

Do you pick your battles in parenting? I’m thinking that most moms do, because sometimes you just have to value your sanity above the opportunity to teach your child a valuable life lesson — or, depending on the matter at hand, bend them to your will because they’re WRONG, dammit, FLAT-OUT WRONG. I personally don’t always want to die on the hill of What’s That Gross Vegetable No Way Am I Even Going to Get it Within Seventeen Inches of My Mouth, Mom, but even when I purposefully avoid a fight in order to give myself some peace I often spend too much time thinking about it afterwards and wondering if I should have held my ground.

I think, however, my ultimate belief is that some things kids just have to learn for themselves, however painful the process may be. For example, here are some common areas where my children and I often disagree, and I’m determined to allow them to find out on their own just how RIDICULOUS they’re being.

Image via © iStock.com/Imgorthand