10 Friends Every Mom Should Have

Stephanie Booth | Jan 16, 2015 Being a Mom
10 Friends Every Mom Should Have

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Once you have kids, it can be tough (read: near impossible) to maintain friendships. You're busy, you're exhausted -- you don't want to go out for a drink. You just want to go to the bathroom by yourself! Still, it's crucial for every mom to have a strong support system of friends.

Click through the slideshow and we'll show you not only why having pals is so important, but how they make you a better parent.

Do you have a friend like #10 in your life?


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  • The Unflappable Mom


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    Characteristics: Calm, easygoing, not prone to freakouts or imagining worst-case scenarios. When you find your toddler eating packing peanuts (not that that's ever happened to us), this mom just nods and reassures, "They'll pass."

    Why She's a Great Friend: Her bravery and confidence rubs off on you. (Not to mention saves you frequent trips to the ER.)

  • The Been-There, Done-That Mom


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    Characteristics: Has kids older than yours, even if it's just by a year.

    Why She's a Great Friend: Because she has an answer for every one of your questions. She's already been through teething, chicken pox, PTA scuffles -- you name it -- and is eager to pass on her infinite wisdom.

  • The Single Friend


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    Characteristics: Nonchalantly says things like, "I'm so tired. I think I slept too much!" and "I splurged and bought myself a ticket to Paris for my birthday." Single, childless, has seemingly endless amounts of free time and cash.

    Why She's a Great Friend: Your singleton friend is a fabulous reminder that there is life beyond potty training and you used to have one! Also that eventually your kids will leave the nest and you'll need to get back to yours.

  • The Type-A Mom


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    Characteristics: Micromanages everything, from the exact time her child goes to bed to how teeth are brushed and hair is worn. Everything is a battle for this tightly wound mom.

    Why She's a Great Friend: Because nothing will make you relax and enjoy parenting more than seeing someone who most definitely is not.

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  • The Clothes Horse (Who Loves to Share)


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    Characteristics: Has a closet full of adorable, meticulously kept Hanna Andersson clothes and PediPed shoes for her child ... and a generous spirit that makes her insist on passing nearly-new hand-me-downs to your kiddo.

    Why She's a Great Friend: When your kids are growing out of shoes and clothing at lightning speed, an altruistic friend with fashion sense will make you weep with gratitude.

  • The Mom With a Minivan


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    Characteristics: Has a minivan. Loves her minivan. Loves to drive.

    Why She's a Great Friend: Because now you don't have to buy a minivan. Or drive a minivan. Or drive when she suggests having a playdate to the zoo. Ah!

  • The Boss


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    Characteristics: Uber-responsible. If she says she'll do something -- oh, wait! It's already done. Trustworthy and likes to organize, be it complex activities for your kids or planning a multi-family camping trip.

    Why She's a Great Friend: Because as a mom, you're usually responsible for taking care of everything. And let's face it, it's nice to sit back and let someone else take charge for a bit.

  • The Stay-at-Home Dad


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    Characteristics: Thrilled to be the primary caregiver and prone to regaling you with stories of how lucky stay-at-home-parents are. Not easily embarrassed or tired. Usually has an amusing snack (IE, a cottage cheese sandwich) for their child.

    Why He's a Great Friend: The SAHD reminds us to play a little more and worry a little less.

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  • The Constantly Worrying Mom


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    Characteristics: Uses lots of hand sanitizer. Sees everything from Ebola to the pit bull puppy across the street as a potential threat to her children. Will do her kids' homework for them once they get to school (if she hasn't started already).

    Why She's a Good Friend: Because she puts your own fears in check. Think of this mom as the "Ghost of Christmas Future."

  • The Mom Who Always Makes You Laugh


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    Characteristics: Always has a hilarious story to tell and usually makes you laugh so hard you cry. Excellent to sit next to at meetings because she has an under-the-breath joke about everything. Doesn't take anything -- including herself -- too seriously.

    Why She's a Great Friend: Because over time, hopefully her Spaceballs take on life will rub off on you. And because even though you think she's a riot, her kids don't, which is a good reminder: no parent is ever perfect.

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