10 Realistic New Year's Resolutions for Moms

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Now that we're a week or so into 2015, here's a question for you: How are those New Year's Resolutions working out? What's that? You gave up already?! Or maybe you still haven't worked up the sufficient willpower to get started. Either way, don't despair. Everybody knows that grand, sweeping gestures of self-improvement are a one-way ticket to Failure City. In fact, most New Year's Resolutions are nothing more than lies we tell ourselves to feel better about subsisting on a steady diet of gingerbread lattes, red wine, and sugar cookies during the holidays -- so why bother wasting any time trying to live up to some completely unrealistic self-imposed goal?

Instead, give yourself a break this year and set the bar a little lower ... with our list of Realistic New Year's Resolutions for Moms. We promise these "rules" will be way more fun than giving up refined sugar or going for daily runs, even if none of them make your butt look better in yoga pants (sorry, can't have it all).

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  • 1. Stop kidding yourself with the kale.


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    Let's face it: You're never going to actually cook any of those "healthy family dinner" ideas you waste hours searching for online -- and even if you did, would your kids really eat that Quinoa Primavera Casserole? (Note to self -- remember to buy kids vitamins.)

  • 2. Quit folding laundry.


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    Why bother when it's only going to get all wrinkled again anyway? Just make sure your kids know which laundry basket is "clean" and which is "dirty." (Or don't. Does it really matter?)

  • 3. Clear a path in your kids' rooms at least once a week.


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    The goal here is to see the floor, or part of it, occasionally. (If it turns out there's a carpet in there, you can even vacuum! But honestly, why bother?)
  • 4. Buy bigger pants.


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    Now that you've given up on the kale and quinoa thing, might as well get comfortable. (This goes double if you're trying to squeeze into pants you wore before having your last baby, you overly optimistic fool.)

  • 5. Drink more coffee.


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    That's right -- I said more coffee, not less. You're tired. (And you're never going to get more sleep, by the way. No matter how old your kids get.)

  • 6. Be a better binge-watcher.


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    You need something to distract you from the dirty floors and piles of take-out containers. No thought-provoking fare, please (because you're tired, remember?). As long as there are no talking trains or animals involved, you're in the clear.

  • 7. Wash your hair sometimes.


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    A downright Sisyphean task, I know, but you can totally pull this one off. (Not every day, of course! That's crazy talk.)

  • 8. Pack something in your kid's lunch that grew on a tree once a week.


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    Or once a month, whatever. Not because your child actually needs fresh produce (you bought vitamins, remember?), but just to show up that smug mom who sticks those smiley face notes in her kid's lunchbox all the time.

  • 9. Cancel your gym membership.


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    Now that you have bigger pants, do you really need it? Unless you want to use the free childcare to take a shower (since you have to wash your hair anyway) or nap in the locker room.

  • 10. Increase your kids' screentime allowance.


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    You know what's great about video games, movies, TV shows, and the like? They give your kids something to do while you're making coffee, not folding laundry and ordering pizza. Plus, unlike karate lessons or dance classes, electronic pastimes don't involve you driving them anywhere.

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