Here's What Happens When You Ask Little Boys to Slap a Girl (VIDEO)

boys asked to slap a girlLeave it to little kids to show us what it means to act like mature adults. In a social experiment and public service announcement, Italian media site and Ciaopeople Media Group asked young boys to first compliment a girl and then ... slap her!


And their reactions will shock you. Take a look at the video below:

This. Just ... this.

In 2014, we diligently followed the story of Janay Rice, who was abused by her football husband Ray Rice. From his termination and eventual indefinite suspension in the NFL, we saw the whole horrible reality unravel. Later, Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer was also charged with domestic assault for allegedly head-butting his wife. 

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But like this video shows us, it all starts early. Teaching children immediately about the difference between right and wrong, on how to treat other people (men and women), and what is absolutely not acceptable is key.

Now let's all use this video to start that much-needed conversation.

How do you teach your kids about compassion?


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